Around the World in 23 Days



These pages describe our holiday around the world in Oct/Nov 2001. As the title indicates, we went right arround the world in 23 days, travelling over 25,400 miles by air, 850 miles by road and 120 miles by boat. The ultimate destination was Australia, but the duration of that journey meant that we had to find stopovers on the way out and on the way home. We decided that rather than return as we set out, via the far east, we would keep going when we got to Australia and end up going right around the world. As it turned out the stopovers were every bit a interesting as Australia and the best way to describe the holiday overall is 'brilliant'!

We set out from London Heathrow on 19th Oct and flew to Singapore. There's not a lot to say about Singapore, because we only stayed there for 2 hrs while we waited for our connection to Bali. We stayed in Bali for 4 days before flying to Sydney, Australia. Sydney was only a staging point, but we did have a 9 hr wait before our connection to Cairns in North Queensland. Altogether we stayed for 10 days in the North Queensland area and had a go at most of the things that were available to do.

On 4th November we flew to Brisbane and after a short wait flew on to Fiji. Another four days were spent in Fiji before we set off again for Los Angeles and then home 2 days later.

There is no doubt that the experience won't be forgotten in a hurry and the 200 odd pictures taken along the way will help make that a certainty. With the world map you can see our route and you click through to the various places we went to for more detail. If you prefer, just follow the link at the bottom of each page to follow our route from country to country.

At each place there is access to a gallery of our pics. In each gallery you can see thumbnails of all the pictures and by clicking on any picture a larger view can be obtained. In the 'Info' view, there are comments about each picture and another click from here pops up a full size view of the picture. Lastly, a slide show of each place can be started by clicking the link.

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